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Celebrating Family Caregivers

Ever since 1997, each U.S. president has issued a Proclamation dedicating the month of Novemberas National Family Caregivers Month in recognition of all family, friends and neighbors who devote their time and energy to ensuring their aging loved ones lead happy, healthy lives.

Our most recent Presidents have referred to Caregivers as “everyday heroes, living quietly among us in families and communities across the county” and as “a reflection of the true spirit of America” for the “selflessness and open-hearted empathy they show their loved ones every day.”

Here at Assisted Living Locators of Manasota, we couldn’t agree more. So, during November and every month of the year, we want to celebrate caregivers. As we gather with friends and family this holiday season and give thanks for our many blessings, it seems an appropriate time to also give thanks for caregivers all across this great country. National Family Caregiver’s Month does this by raising awareness around caregiver issues, honoring the efforts of caregivers, educating family caregivers and increasing support for caregivers.

This year, the theme for National Family Caregiver’s Month (selected by the Caregiver Action Network) is “Take Care to Give Care,” and it’s all about taking care of yourself first. For the 90 million caregivers living in the United States, fulfilling this role is both wonderfully rewarding and extremely demanding. Those unfamiliar with the task may not realize that family caregivers are often at higher risk for numerous health-related issues, including depression and other chronic conditions. This is why the Caregiver Action Network selected this theme for 2016.

The key to Taking Care to Give Care, according to the Caregiver Action Network, is to “pay attention to your own physical and mental wellness, and get proper rest and nutrition” by following a few simple reminders. Proper nutrition will keep you strong and energetic and keep your immune system healthy. Eating a well-balanced diet will not only help you feel better physically but will also help you keep a positive mental outlook.Manage your own stress through exercise, hobbies or even therapy. It’s important to deal with stress before it spirals out of control and begins to impact your health and your ability to care for your loved one. Live by the mantra, “Rest. Recharge. Respite.” Even if you don’t think you have time to rest, schedule it into your routine. You may even find that your refreshed attitude is infectious around the house.

As we take time out to spend with our loved ones this holiday season, we want to thank our clients, many of them caregivers, for entrusting the health and wellness of their loved ones to us. Whether you’re looking for some extra senior care help around your home or are ready to begin the transition to senior housing, we’re always here to help. Begin your search today by contacting us at 941.479.3500 or via email at