Boomers Redfine Senior Living

Baby Boomers Redefine Senior Living

As baby boomers make waves with their arrival into retirement years, a local company is helping this generation as it redefines senior living. Assisted Living Locators provides a “free service” to seniors and their families offering expert advice on short-term and long-term housing and care options.

Each day, more than 10,000 individuals hit the age of 65. These baby boomers are redefining the face of senior living with their improved definition of life after retirement. They don’t want a “one-size” fits all solution.

According to the Administration on Aging, the population of adults 65 and older is experiencing one of the biggest increases in history. Between 2010 and 2050 the number of seniors is expected to more than double. As a result, service providers are responding to this growing population by changing and adapting to their needs.

To meet the demands of this generation, we are seeing many senior living communities reinvent themselves by providing more modern features and amenities. Some of these new trends in senior care include:

Technology Support – The baby boomer generation wants to be entertained, connected and protected. Assisted living communities are providing computer systems with the ability to keep track of vital signs and medications, USB connections and Wi-Fi, keyless room entry, and movement sensors capable of detecting emergency situations.

Eco-Friendly Features – Many assisted living facilities have chosen to embrace eco-friendly measures providing non-toxic cleaning products, improved indoor air quality, locally grown, organic food and recycling programs.

Luxury Amenities – Today's American seniors are used to living in a world that caters to them and want amenities that enhance the quality of their lives. Assisted living communities are offering concierge services, group fitness classes, on-site spas, exercise class offerings, shopping, entertainment excursions and wellness programs.

We’ve found that many of our clients really blossom in senior living, mainly because the communities often provide a lot more fitness, healthy eating and social activity. Boomer seniors also participate in tai chi and balance training, now common in assisted living facilities, which has shown to improve the risk of falls 30 to 40 percent.

We work with families to place their loved ones into assisted living communities with top amenities, progressive healthcare and optimal wellness programs. Our free community-oriented service provides you with information that is fully vetted, intuitive and complete with the best elder care resources out there. We’re helping this record-breaking generation of boomers to live long and fulfilling lives as seniors.

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