Assessing Your Needs

Assessing Needs for Assisted Living or Memory Care

Recognizing that it’s time to transition a loved one into an assisted living or memory care home or community can be an uncomfortable, often intimidating, time. But if you are proactive, ask for help, and remain involved you will be a great advocate for your loved one.

The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy states that, “families are the alternative foundation for a stressed healthcare system. Hospital stays are shorter than ever and family caregivers are often expected to do what healthcare professionals once did.”There is a saying that it takes a village to raise a child, but it also takes a family to care for an aging parent. And, who better to know their needs and desires than their own children?Even when professional caregivers are providing services, family involvement makes the difference in quality of life for your parents. In fact, most successful transitions are supported by the entire family.

Assisted Living Locators is a no cost advocacy, referral and placement service for you and your family during these difficult times. We have been helping families to evaluate senior care choices for well over a decade nationwide. We are locally owned and operated serving Manatee, Sarasota, Charlotte and North Lee County families, based out of Venice. Our goal is to help you effectively and efficiently navigate the seemingly endless choices in senior care and resources.

As your family’s advocate, we will complete an in-depth assessment of your loved one’s needs and discuss four main topics in order to best support you and your family. First, we will talk about your loved one’s care needs, such as specific medical conditions, and how much help is neededon daily tasks such as driving, getting dressed, bathing, taking medications, preparing meals, eating and walking. Next, we will discuss what your loved one enjoys doing. We often find that the daily stresses of maintaining a household prevents seniors from doing those things that they once enjoyed due to lack of time or energy. The good news is that we very often see that once they are surrounded by people with common interests and no longer have the burdens of a home, they are revitalized. Third, we discuss where in the local area you or your loved one would like to live, so that you are able to visit conveniently on the weekends or before and after work during the week. Lastly, we discuss finances and the options that may be available to your family, so that we only provide options that are within your family’s means. We will typically ask about other services that your family may need and refer you to other resources during this discussion or provide them within a few days.

All of the information we gather during this initial assessment will allow us to provide thoughtful analysis and recommendations on the most appropriate assisted living or memory care homes or communities for your loved one. We will provide those recommendations to you and assist you and your family in making the best choice for your family. We will advocate for your family throughout the process and continue to check in with you during and after your loved one transitions to their new home.

If you are a senior or a family member looking for help navigating the many options in assisted living or memory care, we can help. We’ll discuss the best fit for your family and even tour with you at our pre-certified partners if you’d like. Contact Jaime Daniels and her team at Assisted Living Locators at 941.479.3500 or via email at Or you can visit us online at and be sure to LIKE us on Facebook