Well Being Advisory Board

Transitioning to Assisted Living

Helping aging adults navigate their way through the maze of short-term and long-term senior housing, care andservices issues is at the heart of what we do at Assisted Living Locators.  We help our families through what are oftentimes stressful and uncomfortable situations. 

As an advocate for our families, we understand that many times, there are important conversations that adult children need to have with their parents, and those conversations are not quick and certainly are not easy.  We know that even the idea of moving out of a lifelong home can be nearly paralyzing for some seniors so their children may avoid the topic altogether. 

We understand that the sheer volume of options available in Assisted Living and Memory Care alone would overwhelm anyone and would certainly frustrate anyone who started a search on their own and soon discovered so many places were not viable options for their loved one. 

At Assisted Living Locators, we perform an Assessment oneach client in four key areas, Medical, Social, Geographic and FinancialAll of the information we gather during this initial assessment will allow us to develop a personalized plan for each family, make Recommendations for next steps, and assist our families through the Selection Process to ensure that each family makes the best choice for their individual circumstances.  We are here to guide families, answer their questions and make the transition to senior living a seamless process during an overwhelming time for families.

We work with each of our families to find them the most appropriate senior living option for their loved one and continue to keep in touch with them throughout the process, both during and after the transition to their “New Home”. 

What is most important is that after each of our clientsmove, theirexperience is what they were expecting.  So, even after that transition, we are there!  If they have questions or need additional resources, we are available.  We keep in touch with our clients and their families on a regular basis to make sure things are going well.  We are looking for a long-term relationship with our clients and hope to serve their families as a resource for generations to come.

If you are a senior or a family member looking for help navigating the many options in assisted living or memory care, we can help.  We’ll discuss the best fit for your family and even tour with you at our pre-certified partners if you’d like.  Contact Jaime Daniels and her team at Assisted Living Locators at 941.479.3500 or via email at  You can visit online at  Be sure to “like” the Company on Facebook at